About Suggest.

Suggest is born in the comment section of one of Colbys Dovi's post on Linkedin. He was suggesting a user experience improvement to the Phone app of Oxygen OS. Adrian suggested we should have a place to curate all these suggestions, and Geoffrey as the Ninja he really is, checked domain names availabilities. Next thing we knew, we were in a Google Meet call setting up everything for this project.

Why do we do it?

Before being Designers, we are users. So when we experience questionable design, the designer inside us wants to Ask question and make suggestions to improve that experience.We have an idea of the challenges (legal, political, economical, human, technological, ...) ย involved in the development and commercialization of a product.

We are in no way intending to downplay or denigrate the work of the teams working on these products.
We are kindly making these suggestions as people who are passionate about User Experience, and with the goal of using that passion as a bridge to connect with others.

The authors

Suggest is the beloved baby of :

License & mentions

โ€Suggest.design by Geoffrey Crofte, Colbys Dovi and Adrian Koss is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by email.

Suggest.design uses the icon library of Streamline Icons.

Thanks! Magic stuff coming soon! โœจ
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